7 castles and 7 monasteries tour

Tour across Northern Armenia

7 castles and 7 monasteries

Jun 24 – Jul 2 2018

hike towards 7 medieval fortresses and 7 monasteries

7 castles and 7 monasteries

Tour across Northern Armenia

Jun 24 - Jul 2 2018

hike towards 7 medieval fortresses and 7 monasteries

We specialize in organizing group and individual tours in Armenia. Such Armenia  which few people have seen – with half-forgotten fortresses, monasteries, and ancient settlements having a rich glorious history but now remaining hidden in the gorges, forests and mountains for centuries.

If you like travelling, go hiking, love adventure, history, nature, beauty, then join us!

Do you know how many castles are there in Armenia? Maybe 3-4? Or a  maximum of 10? Not at all, rather more and we can prove it to you. There are so many of fortresses that we can’t  visit all of them even if our tour lasted 10 times longer. So we distributed them by regions and selected the most impressive to demonstrate to you. Sometimes the path towards the destination fortress will be long and difficult but the fantastic views along the way worth it.

We’ll walk towards medieval fortresses and monasteries
by the paths that ages ago were used by the inhabitants of those places. We’ll conquer the castle on the top of the rocky hill, we’ll enjoy watching at the world from the top of an impregnable fortress, as long ago the watchmen looked. We’ll raise a toast to the founders of this building. And finally our professional guides will tell you the interesting history of princes, eminent personalities and other inhabitants of this place and answer all your questions.

It wasn’t easy for us to select direction for our first tour. Eventually we choose northern direction towards Tavush and Lori, the most forested and greenest regions of Armenia. The nature here will be full of the fragrance of blossoming fruit trees in May. The hotels are in the most picturesque places and with beautiful views from the window.

The Package cost includes:

  • Meeting at the airport and hotel transfer,
  • Double room accommodation.
  • Daily breakfast, basket dinner (or lunch) dinner, water, beverages.
  • Transport
  • Professional guides – escorting and historical narrative.

The package cost excludes:

  • Air Transportation,
  • Uniform and equipment,
  • Travel Insurance,
  • Zipline and horse ride.

Tour Date:   May 1st to 9th 2018

Moderate  physical exertion 

Not recommended for children below age of 12

Package price 

Single room accommodation USD 777

Double room accommodation USD 850 per person

Tour description

You arrive in Yerevan on June 24. It is best to take one of the morning arriving flights, in time for a dinner at the factory-museum Megeryan Carpet. After a tour in the carpets museum there, the craftsmen will show you how to weave carpets. Then the chef of the local restaurant will hold a master class on cooking an Armenian dish by an ancient recipe. In the same place we will have dinner together to get acquainted. In the evening we’ll have a walking tour through the Yerevan downtown.

Early in the morning after the breakfast we leave for Dilijan – the capital of Tavush region. Let’s leave belongings in the hotel and continue our journey. The first thing we will do is to conquer our first peak in the North – the medieval fortress of Kaitson, which was the abode of Shahinshah (king of kings) Ashot II-nd the Iron in the 10th century. After we conquer the fortress and learn the history of this place from our guide, we will have a picnic raising a cup of wine for us and for the former owners of this fortress. We’ll arrange a photo session, then relax and enjoy the moment. On the way back we will visit the Aghartsin Monastery of the 10th century, situated in the rich Dilijan forest. The Sheikh of the Sharjah Emirate had so impressed by the beauty of monastery so he fully financed the restoration. Dinner. Overnight at the hotel in Dilijan.

There is a hike to the fortress – about 2 km uphill, same distance return – moderate difficulty. 

After the breakfast we take bus to the medieval Goshavank Monastery.

Then hiking towards Aghavnavank St. Virgin church constructed in X-XIII centuries. It is located in a located in a picturesque grove with 400 years old trees. Throughout the tour our guide will tell you the history of places. After breathing oxygen, enjoying the beauty of the church, having a basket lunch under the shade of trees we will return back to Dilijan. Walk through the city of Dilijan. Then dinner and overnight in the hotel.

After the breakfast we take bus to Ijevan, where our second medieval fortress Kaen hid in the woods. This is the most difficult day with long climb, so the whole day is dedicated to this fortress. Leaving our bus on the roadside and hiking towards the fortress. After the conquest – a small lecture on the history of this place, a picnic, a glass of wine, oxygen, rest. We do guarantee nice photos and positive impressions.

Return to Dilijan, overnight.

After the breakfast we check out from the hotel and leaving Dilijan, head for the hiking trail of the village of Yenokavan. Hiking through the  beautiful Ijevan forest to the caves of Lastiver. Having lunch there. Horse riding and several ziplines are available at additional cost. After Lastiver we go further to the North. We stop at Makaravank monastery on the way. It is is in such an impassable place among the mountains and forests that even the Tatar-Mongols could not get it. Late dinner at the hotel of Haghpat in Lori region.

After the breakfast we leave to Akhtala on our bus. There are two fortresses, one hard-to-reach, to the other we’ll get by bus drive. The first fortress is the fortress of Tamerlane, which has only indirect relation to the conqueror.

Hiking to the fortress, having picnic, excursion, history lecture, a little wine, photo session, rest, impressions. Then we go down to the bus and drive to the second fortress – the pearl of Akhtala the Church of the Holy Mother of God, which was built by the Armenian princes in the Xth century. The church is unique not only for its architecture, but also for its frescoes. We return to the hotel.

After the breakfast we go to the fortress of Kayan (or Sub Nhsana of the Haghpat monastery), which was built by Bishop Hovhannes in 1231. A small fortress helped the monks to defend in case of an enemy attack, and also served as a sentinel point, since the entire terrain visibility as on the palm of your hand.

Hiking, basket lunch,  excursion, history, rest, wine, photo.

Afterwards we go to the fortress Karandzav (cave), which is located opposite to Kayan.

Next we visit two monasteries, – of Sanahin and Haghpat. They are different, and unique with its beauty. Again, the history lecture, picnic, then we return to the hotel.

Few hiking this day. After the breakfast we leave the hotel and go to the excursion in the village of Odzun, where one of the most ancient temples of Armenia is located – the Church of the Blessed Virgin.

Then we go to the medieval fortress in Lori on the left bank of the Dzoraget river From 1065 to 1113, the fortress was the center of the Armenian Lori (Tashir-Dzoraget) Kingdom. We go down into the canyon to the ancient medieval bridge. Picnic, excursion, history, return to Yerevan.

Breakfast, visit to the museum of the history of Armenia. Purchasing souvenirs, probably famous Armenian brandy too, wine, sweets.

Transfer to the airport.

The tour is designed for those who wishes to visit such picturesque monuments of the ancient architecture of Tavush and Lori regions of Armenia which impossible to get on motor transport. Tourists will hike few kilometers through the rocks, bushes and forests, “conquer” the fortress, visit Monastery, study its history. We selected 7 such fortresses and monasteries, so that tourists were particularly interested in learning their history and related legends.

The tour includes several hikes of moderate difficulty.

Tourists will be provided with 3 meals a day, breakfast in the hotel in the morning, a picnic lunch or dinner in the restaurant, dinner.

Tourists will be accompanied by professional, competent, possessing a large amount of interesting information, and, most importantly, enthusiastic guides, able to provide exhaustive answers to all questions of interest to tourists.

Transportation by the company bus.

For hiking trips a tourist should have a backpack, comfortable shoes, a cap, sunglasses, a windbreaker or a waterproof jacket.

Special physical training is not required, however for children this tour is not recommended.

Arrival day
City walking tour 10%
Day 1
- Kaytson fortress 80%
Day 2
- Aghavnavank Monastery 40%
Day 3
- Kayen fortress 100%
Day 4
- Lastiver hiking path 60%
Day 5
- Tamerlane fortress 100%
Day 6
- Kayan fortress 60%
Day 6
- Qarandzav fortress 40%

The tour begins in

  • 00Days
  • 00Hours
  • 00Minutes

We are happy to answer any questions you have or provide you with an estimate. 

Send us a message or give us a call. We are available over whatsapp and viber too. 


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